Cruisingsusanreviews was established and has been serving customers since 2014. We are located in Rochester, NY. Our mission is to provide a healthy way of living, spiritual knowledge and marketing concepts to our customers.

Online Services

In 2001 we started selling online and had developed up to three different websites. Dedicated to servicing the vast growing internet community with our online sales, by providing a quick and easy way to shop. With 12 year of experience in this business we know what it takes to satisfy our valued customers. Our goal and primary purpose is to provide superior service to all of our customers.

Our Products

We personally dont sell any products of our own. Insted we promote the best product in the market

Customer Satisfaction

Here at Cruisingsusanreviews our customer satisfaction is very important to us. You will find us to be a very reliable and thoughtful company who will do everything we can to make our customers feel that they will get the best of service and products. Our customer service representatives are very responsive and will reply ASAP.

Your special needs are our priority concern. Each customer’s needs will be treated with the utmost care and attention. We believe in Customer Satisfaction!