Bellicon Trampoline Reviews

Bellicons are arguably the most expensive rebounders in the American market. Buyers say: “Bellicons are worth every penny.”

 Bellicon Rebounder Reviews

The Bellicon Difference

Gives a more efficient workout in less time. The bungee band suspension allows a higher and deeper bounce: you travel further through space without jumping out of the mat. The mat follows your movement. With a larger horizontal movement, you automatically come to a higher gravitational force. The higher g-Force achieved while Rebounding is what makes Rebounding efficient. With more g-Force, your workout efficiency rises.

Bellicon offer the highest security

For many people, all spring based Rebounders are just too hard in bounce. The softness in bounce, that a Bellicon bungee band rebounder provides, allows also those people who suffer from back or joint problems, to enjoy the health benefits of Rebounding. Unsurpassed quality Bellicon sets the gold standard for Rebounders.

Update: After reading this Bellicon Rebounder Reviews many people asked me, is it really safe. I just felt like highlighting it. Bellicon trampoline is really really safe. Even after years of use still it works great and so far I’ve no issues with this.

The Price

Bellicon first aspires to produce the highest possible Rebounder quality in material and craftsmanship. When they achieve this goal, they produce the Rebounder at the lowest possible market price. They do not sacrifice quality in order to make their Rebounders less expensive.

The Bungee Bands

High elastic bungee bands set the Bellicon Rebounders apart. This unique feature makes the Bellicon bungee rebounder the bounciest rebounders worldwide. There is simply no comparison between the flexible, responsive bungee bands and the ridged metal springs of ordinary Rebounders. The bungee bands are customizable to the user’s weight and usage from a child’s weight on up to 400 lbs, offering a truly customized Rebounding experience. Bellicon Rebounders are whisper silent.

When you climb on a Bellicon Rebounder for the first time and start bouncing, you immediately feel these Rebounders are not just another ordinary piece of exercise equipment found in a sporting goods store. They are finely tuned instruments, the result of more than 20 years of thorough research and continual design improvements. If you enjoy quality, you can experience German engineering at its finest.

No wonder Bellicon calls their Rebounders “instruments”: They are precision crafted and tuned to the highest quality of performance. Think musical instrument. We recommend the Bellicon Rebounders for their great design, quietness stability and wonderful bounce.


Bellicon Rebounder Reviews – How It Differ From Other Brands

The main difference between Bellicon rebounder and other rebounder lies in the ropes. All conventional rebounders use springs whereas Bellicon differs and uses bungee ropes.

Highly elastic due to rope rings

Many years of development and improvement have been invested in our sophisticated rope ring technique. Bellicon trampolines unique and worldwide patented suspension doesn’t just look different to the conventional, metal spring trampolines; it also has a lot of advantages:

Perfect, gentle and harmonic swinging

The ropes used at Bellicon are expandable from 150 to 180% of the original length (before writing this bellicon rebounder reviews I personally tried this, it does expand). This ensures that you are always slowed down gently and not suddenly and abruptly stopped at some stage during the braking phase. Because of the special way the ropes are guided, we have managed to incorporate about twice as much rope length in the suspension than comparable trampolines with continuous ropes have.

Bellicon trampolines have between 16 to 23 meters of elastic rope in the fabricated rope rings, through which the strength which is to be intercepted is divided, absorbed and returned. This is how you are almost automatically catapulted back upwards again which explains our trampolines high fun factor.

The unique technology enables the incomparably gentle and harmonic swing that you experience on Bellicon trampolines. Compared to jogging or conventional mini trampolines, the level of strain on the joints, spinal discs and bones are much less. At the same time, the deceleration phase is clearly lengthened which makes exercising much more effective.

Despite the relatedness of the devices, the type of exercise done on conventional, metal spring trampolines is completely different: the normal metal springs are very hard and hardly stretch when you jump on the mini trampoline. Even those coil spring trampolines that are sold as “highly flexible” only have a maximum stretch from the stationary position of no more than 30 to 50%.

On these much harder trampolines, you, therefore, use your own strength to jump upwards from the mat and although you are slightly cushioned when landing, you have hardly catapulted back upwards again. The rebound effect is therefore much less developed and this kind of exercise is more like jumping on a springy path in the woods than swinging on our highly elastic rope ring trampolines.

Easy to change and always perfectly adjusted

As the biggest demands are always made on the trampolines suspension, it obviously has to be changed (like the sole of a shoe) sooner or later if regularly used. Metal springs break and parts can fly off. Rope rings wear out and become longer. When it becomes necessary, metal springs and trampolines with continuous, long ropes are difficult to change and many users find it too complicated.

So that you don’t have to send your trampoline away when the cords have worn out, we developed the patented rope ring suspension. This makes it easy for you to exchange them and for you to simply adjust your trampoline to the weight of another user at any time.

Because of the many available rope ring strengths, the trampoline is easily adjustable so whether a lighter person is to use it or you wish to do an intensive cardio-vascular workout…no problem, with one set of softer or stronger rope, rings you can achieve it instantly.

Quiet training without disruptive additional noise

I’ve read many bellicon rebounder reviews. On all those reviews this is one of the main highlight. On metal spring trampolines, metal is constantly rubbing against metal so many users complain about annoying, squeaking noises whilst exercising. With rope ring suspended trampolines, however, the cords rub against the frame cover when you swing so they hardly make a sound. The Bellicon trampoline rope ring suspension is silent as far as it is possible and thus protects both you and your neighbors’ nerves.

Rebounding on the Bellicon bring great health benefits!

The Bellicon is Excellent for Cardio
The Bellicon will help Get better lymph flow
The Bellicon will help you to Fight back pain
The Bellicon will help may Tackle Diabetes
The Bellicon will help may Stop Osteoporosis

Many people have experienced amazing health benefits by doing daily Bellicon rebounder exercises. The real difference is you will not get this result in any other rebounders. Well, with that we conclude our Bellicon rebounder reviews. If you have any questions dont hesitate to mail me. If you ask me weather to go for the bellicon rebounder or not, I would simply say just go for it. You will be very happy and pride to own it.