The Best Two Brightest Dive Lights

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Dive torch makes the night dives possible. And they can really ratchet up the fun quotient of a day dip by letting you probe darker recesses from the reefs. Whether you want a miniature light that resides in a BC pocket (until you want it), a highly effective main light which can lay down some serious lighting on a tropical night dip, or a compact canister lighting which you wear on your wrist, there are myriad versions to choose from ranging in size, burn time (determined by the kind, size, amount and even brand of batteries being used, and also on the measuring process), power and cost. Whatever torch you buy, one important feature you may be looking at these torches is the brightness. In this post, we will be focusing on the Brightest dive light.

The Best Two Brightest Dive Lights

1. Ikelite Gamma 220 LED Light

Ikelite Gamma 220 LED Light

Ikelite Gamma is a waterproof flashlight small enough to tuck into your back pocket. Constructed of high-grade aluminum and available in red silver or black the gammas anodized body provides superior corrosion protection. The 220 lumens 10-degree angle, concentrated burst of light that comes from the center to periphery providing excellent illumination in day or night diving. Using two cr123a lithium batteries the gamma can also be accessorized with diffusers or filters to achieve a wider angle of coverage. Offering convenient thumb button activation the gamma is decorated to 300 feet.

The Bottom line: Ikelite Gamma is a sleek compact waterproof flashlight which is one of the brightest dive light that performs anywhere.


2. Tovatec Fusion 530 Dive Torch

Tovatec Fusion

Tovatec fusions do have an intuitive operation, a sensible choice of power levels, comfortable ergonomics, convenience, flexibility: all of these are part of the equation of the perfect dive light. But, how much light does it push out? Well, with 1000 lumens of power with big chunky grip, this is a very very strong reliable torch.

After testing all the parameters along with the brightness, our evaluation math resulted in the Fusion 530. Its beam is plenty strong, and the sliding zoom headset lets you correct it to any width from 100 degrees to 12 degrees. The magnetic switch could not be easier, and while its dimensions put it into our larger group (with a fraction of an inch), it fits in anything but a very little back pocket. The textured rubbery coating over the aluminum frame makes it comfortable in the hand, and the rechargeable Li-ion battery is a practical and convenient power solution.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to get the brightest dive light without compromising on any other features, this might be the best option.