Epic Era of The Star Of Ear Wear: Cordless Ear Buds


The modern world of technology has reflected its true essence in all aspects of human life. It has not only impacted the globe in defined ways, however, has broken the barriers of our conventional lifestyle. Certainly, Technology has created an unbounded benchmark with refined, surveyed and researched set of standards. The roots of different areas of Technology have grounded in our lifestyle in the form of essential assets. In addition to our knowledge, now “We don’t use technology, We wear technology”.

Well, implementing the same thought the concept of totally wireless earbuds has been actualized. What more can we expect from the 21st century – Tech Era. It has not only equipped us with devices, gadgets, and technical skills, however, has added an exceptional feather in our caps by finding appropriate ways in order to be deeply embedded in our routine activities and daily schedules. Totally Wireless Earbuds are another personification of the same.

Imagine yourself with Earphones, calm and refreshing music, pleasant weather and you heading towards the lavish lawn. What happened?? Yeah, the wire of the earphone tugged by the door handles. Sadly, but true. Do you remember the Gordian knot of your earphones whenever placed in your pocket? Another irony of the wired earphones. Who can sense that situation better than totally wireless ear buds?

Purely, Cordless ear buds are just like conventional earphones but are not wired. Since they are wireless so you don’t have to plug them into your phones or different players. No worries at all. Their basic functionality is not restricted to listening music only. They act as a very efficient resource of multitasking. Majorly, they are in use by the fitness freaks and sportsmen for calculating heart rate, for measuring the time interval, distance covered, utilized calories, different modes of acceleration and so on. You must be wondering how come this whole information will be transmitted to you!

Well, all this happens with the help of the apps. Yes, all the necessary information stored on your ear buds will be synced with an appropriate app and same will be visible to you. In both ways, direct and indirect, your performance will enhance. Another role play of these ear buds is that they can act as a hearing aid too. Rather, they provide a facility of cutting down on the external disturbances and let you hear the ambient noise only in the amount of your desire.

Undoubtedly, we all are fascinated by the advancement of ear wear, however, we still face a dilemma while purchasing one for us. To make it easy for you, we have chalked our certain criteria’s which should be followed while making a choice for totally wireless ear buds. These are as follows:


It is very obvious to consider the price tag at the first instance. Well, many companies are lined up for this. It is usually witnessed that a normal pair of ear buds costs around $300. However, the best offering of Kanoa is almost half the deal. The Earin, one of the products developed by a Swedish Startup is placed at a cost of $279.99. It is amazing to see Samsung offering $200 for Gear IconX. Apple has also come out with Airpods at a price tag of $159. The cheapest of all is BOHM, S10 which is priced at $80. As per the technologists, this expenditure is nothing in comparison to the offerings of the wireless ear buds.

Mode of connection

The wireless earbuds are functional on the basis of Bluetooth connectivity. A Bluetooth connection is established with your phone or compatible device. In order to streamline a stereo audio from these ear buds, they must be synced with each other from Left ear bud to Right ear bud. One of the ear buds will connect to your phone and same sound can be heard from both. However, because of the complicacy of these two connections and because of the presence of almost 60% water in our body, the Bluetooth connection does not last long. This issue has been suffered by Dash or Earin. To resolve the matter, the technique of Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) has opted and the communication between the two earbuds has been improved. Apple made the use of their own chip named as W1 to avoid the connection loss between the ear buds and hence has been successful to avoid the lag.

Quality of Sound

It is always said that proper audio can be heard through the wired earbuds only. Since the wireless ear buds are based on Bluetooth stereo audio, so they always suffer from the connection loss and hence cannot promise to produce reliable sound quality. However, enough work is going on this area of the wireless ear wear. Few wireless models such as Earin have been made for heavy bass sound. They can be preferred for heavy music

Ease of Wear

We humans are very well settled down with our comfort zones. Same implies here. We know that we will never something if we are not at comfortable with it. BOHM S10 is surely the one which will sound huge to your ears. Reason being, it has inner components and battery part. However, Earin and Gear IconX will definitely be an asset for your ears. Wireless earbuds do come with wing tips. It allows the earbud to fit your ear well.

Additional Features

Who would not like to monitor himself/ herself without making a consistent effort? Yes, surely this been achieved for you by the wireless ear buds. Built with many astounding features wireless ear buds will definitely catch your eye. Most of these earbuds are available with the facilities such as fitness tracking which includes monitoring heart rate, scaling up different speeds, counting calories, jotting down intervals . Voice Command prompt, noise cancellers, water and sweat proofing are available instincts of wireless ear buds. Efficient volume controllers and reliable battery backups are just a few benefits of wireless ear buds. IQbuds, Phazon wireless ear buds, Samsung Gear IconX , Jabra Elite sport are one of the few iconic pieces of this technology form.

Ultimately, we can say that technology has revolutionized our world in an exceptional way. It has left unsurpassed footsteps on the roads of wearable devices and especially – The totally wireless Earbuds.