How To Fit My Yoga Practices In The Hectic Life Schedule

How to do yoga daily

I get up at 6:00, hurry the cooking, get the children ready, start by 8.30 to the office, back from the office by 6.30, then freshening up the children, myself, prayer, cook food, homework, sleep. In this hectic schedule, where can I fit yoga in my life?

Well, today the discussion is all about consistency. I travel all the time and learn the questions that people ask me all the time is; how do you get on your mat every day? how is it possible? How do you maintain a consistent yoga practice?

If you’re looking to maintain consistency of practice especially if you’re newer to the practice, well there are a few things you can do;

1. When you’re a beginner set your bar not to practice six days a week. I build up to practicing six days a week when I was newer to the practice. I actually started off with only two days a week and I committed to that. I did it for a couple months and then suddenly I joined a class that actually asked for accountability and responsibility in terms of my practice. So when I joined a class that asked me to practice six days a week after had only been doing it two days a week then when I didn’t show up one day as soon as I came the next day my teacher walked up to me and said where were you yesterday? This actually brings awareness to yourself. Most of the time we are not aware that we’re missing the practice. This is one of the primary reason to give up our practice.

If you’re constantly reminded of someone or something (maybe an app from your smartphone) you’ll get into the habit of doing your practice regularly. We need a reminder to remember right. Start small so that you can experience success. So the takeaway is, practice every day for just 10 or 20 minutes instead of setting yourself up for failure with the expectation of a 60-minute practice. Keep yourself on track with an attainable practice session.

2. The second thing about consistency is to let yourself get the fit attuned to the feeling of how good it feels to do your practice. Just like it feels good to take a really hot shower. It feels really good to get your teeth completely clean when you brush the teeth. And you’ll feel there’s like a yearning that comes from the body when you feel like oh I want to practice. Think about that feeling of how good it feels after you practice. Think about that feeling and you’ll just be naturally drawn into doing the practice again. Write down one positive thing in your journal about your practice at the end of your practice that you are taking away from your yoga mat. Having a positive record of the fruits of your practice will keep you wanting to come back to your mat every single day.

3. Track your practice set a goal of doing 30 40 50 or hundred days of yoga. Once you’ve done 30 days and track your practice either in your journal or online to keep yourself accountable. There are many groups in social media who get together and used to say their success story. People love to hear from you what are the ways that you keep yourself inspired to practice daily. When you get into such groups you will get two benefits. One, as I said early you will be with the like-minded people. Two, you will get many more ideas from all those people. You can learn and get motivated from their life to continue your practice.

4. Keep a regular time and place to do yoga. In psychology, there is a term called as “Anchoring”. When you see the place where you do yoga daily, it will remember you of that habit. That is called as anchoring. This is one of the excellent ways to remember and do your yoga even when you’re busy. I will also add another answer here. What time is the best and what place is good?

Ideally, you would be waking up early in the morning say at 6:00 a.m. Sunrise and practicing with the Sun rises is really great. Because the body goes through different cycles during the day. In the morning the body is trying to eliminate toxins that you had everything that you ate drank the previous day. It’s broken down by the body and it’s trying to eliminate the waste products. During the day your body is quite active its assimilating nutrients. As you observe nature by the end of the day everything is slowing down the birds go back to the nest similarly your body is preparing for sleep. So, you don’t want to overtire it or stress it out too much at the end of the day.

5. The third thing is to schedule time to see your teacher whether that means joining a retreat making a trip to go to India or joining a yoga workshop. I just spoke with the woman today here in Paris, who said that she’s not very consistent. Sometimes she does her practice and sometimes she doesn’t do her practice and it’s been a part of her life for a long time. She said I want to take your workshop again in May. Well, that is it. You need to be surrounded by the like-minded people. That is a great way to keep up with your practice. Arrange a meet with your teacher or go for a retreat and be surrounded by an environment that helps you to practice yoga daily.

Well, every one of us has priority in our life. Yoga practice is something that is necessary to create a positive ambiance within you. Set yoga as a high priority in life and get into the habit of doing it regularly.